Saturday, 13 December 2014

Magical Talismans and the Neophyte Grade

Temple of Babalon Podcast 05: Previously we explored the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram and the Middle Pillar Exercise. We now pass from the grade of Probationer to that of Neophyte, the first initiated degree. The grade of Neophyte is symbolised by Malkuth on the Hermetic Tree of Life, so sometimes the 1=10 grade or First Degree is called the grade of Earth. At the level of Neophyte, the work greatly expands in scope, and becomes very complex. We won’t be able to cover everything that goes on in the Neophyte grade in this broadcast, but we will discuss some of the more important aspects, including the consecration and charging of magical talismans. The formula of magical talismans is of particular concern to the Neophyte, for it is identical to the formula of Initiation at any level of so-called attainment. As we are going to discuss the Magick of Light, we will also afford a little time to discussing the Magick of Night, that is, the Nightside narrative of the late Kenneth Grant, whose writings are popularly associated with that which is called the Left-hand path.

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