Friday, 10 October 2014

The Oracle of Babalon: Daughter of Fortitude

Temple of Babalon Podcast Episode 02: On 23 May 1587 Elizabethan mage John Dee and his clairvoyant assistant Edward Kelly performed a simple rite for the purpose of instruction “in the understanding and practice of wisdom”. The result was a beautiful and truly remarkable oracle received from the Goddess Babalon, whose mystery is that she is a harlot, loved by many, and yet remains forever a virgin. In this second episode of the Temple of Babalon Podcast, we will first discuss who or what Babalon is. Her name is well known to Thelemites as well as anyone that has studied and worked the Enochian magical system, but here we will investigate her relation with the vastly ancient mystery cults of the Goddess. Along the way we will also attempt to dispel some of the popular myths that have grown around the magical work of John Dee and Edward Kelly in relation to Babalon. Our first guest, Heather Carmen, will read the Oracle of Babalon that was received by John Dee and Edward Kelly.

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